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If you know of a sequel or a remake that I did not include, or you have any other comments or suggestions, please email me. I appreciate any feedback.

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Television Remakes

Movies based on previous or currently-running television series. These movies borrow the characters and settings of the original series and extend the plot. Sometimes they are a continuation of the series, a deep and more involved episode in the series. At other times they explore the origins of the series. One might argue that it's more appropriate to label these remakes as sequels or prequels.

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Movie Year Rating
2006 Rank2
The Equalizer
N/A Rank3
2008 Rank4
Fantasy Island
N/A Rank3
Father Knows Best
2006 Rank3
Flash Gordon
2006 Rank3
The Flash
2006 Rank3
Fraggle Rock
N/A Rank3
Get Smart
2006 Rank4
The Green Hornet
N/A Rank4